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Moscow Wi-Fi Network Enters World Top 3 by Size
Moscow’s Wi-Fi network has joined the world’s Top 3 by number of free access points, overtaking megacities such as New York, London and Tokyo. There are now over 18,000 points of access to free unlimited internet in Moscow’s streets, libraries, parks, culture centres and student hostels.
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Moscow Wi-Fi Network Enters World Top 3 by Size

This autumn, Moscow’s Wi-Fi network marked its sixth anniversary. Over these years it has become one of the biggest citywide wireless access networks in the world.

According to Eduard Lysenko, Minister of the Government of Moscow and head of the city’s Department of Information Technology, over 18,000 free internet connection points have been installed in the city. More than 3,000 of them are on streets within the Garden Ring and at other locations within the Third Transport Ring, covering most of the city centre. More than 1,200 Wi-Fi points have been installed in 43 city parks, and there are over 10,500 points in university and college hostels and almost 3,500 in cultural facilities.  

“We will continue developing Moscow’s Wi-Fi network. It’s an important part of the city’s digital environment. Within a year, access points will be available in a further 60 libraries, taking the total number of libraries with free wireless internet to almost 400,” said Lysenko.

Simultaneously, work is underway to create an integrated urban Wi-Fi space. All the existing access points will be linked up on a common digital platform, making it possible to connect to the Moscow_WiFi_Free network as one travels around the city without the need for re-authorization.  

The story of free Wi-Fi in Moscow began with a cycle track on Frunzenskaya Embankment. In 2013, Wi-Fi connection points began to appear in parks and student hostels.

In 2016, Wi-Fi arrived in the busiest parts of the capital - Moscow’s city-centre streets. In 2017, connections were installed in libraries and cultural facilities. As a result, libraries are no longer just places for reading books, but also leisure centres offering coworking zones and specialist interest groups, and simply interesting places to spend some free time.

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